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Keep moving forward

Saturday, February 22, 2014
I have been so happy recently :D , I am so happy with what has happen recently since 14 Feb till now, it has been almost unreal but it happen. :) I have to say that it really is by the grace of God that all these has happen. I am growing with my walk with God, started getting interested in the Word of God, my love for praise and worship was always there but it has grown stronger recently, my relationship with God has grown as well. I have only been talking about my walk so far haha. :D There is also another reason that I am really happy, however for this one, I will share it next time. :) Today, pastor shared about a very interesting sermon, many points really struck me throughout the sermon. I really want to be a person who can host the presence of God, to be a person who has the presence of God upon me. :) Well gotta go sleep. :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014
Can't believe I am back here to write again XD I am so excited to achieve my new year resolution. 

1. Improve my eyesight(through taking serious care and disciplining myself)
2. Going up new levels on my guitar and vocal.(Totally excited for this one XD)
3. Growing closer to God. :D
4. Grow in anointing in everything I do in my life. :)
5. Working on spiritual discipline.(eg. reading Bible/having quiet time regularly)
6. Pass all my modules and graduate by April.(OMG this!!!! I must graduate by April!!!!)

Achieving these would be really awesome for the year of 2014 :) Honestly, I had a mix start to this year. But I think I am ready to take on the challenges this year. :) Some part of my life honestly needs some work on rebuilding and I am working on that end as well. XD Graduating in April will allow me to totally work on guitar and vocal and also picking up some very important skills like cooking, baking, sewing, learning to fix stuff at home like changing light bulbs, maybe even knitting. I bet my parents will rage about me not going to work but I think if I can learn these skills, I think they won't even mind me not working. XD I think they would rather I learn these before I go into army and after that I am off to the cold, hard world once I have finish my army. These are important skills after all. I also gotta think about my future, what do I really want to do. Everything in me tells me to go with music, guitar and singing but honestly I really lack confidence in myself in succeeding in music. Do I believe I can do it? Part of me is screaming... YESSSS!!!!!! Part of me is pulling me down with negativity... But I know I have to decide it because the bible says in James 1 : 8 that "a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways". But I know I am more on Yes than No in my decision to chase after music. :) I haven't told my parents anything because until I am 100% focus on this, if not I don't think I should say anything. :)

Anyway cell group meeting yesterday was sooooo awesome :) I mean like really really awesome!!!!!~~~ I felt a very different atmosphere yesterday, in fact I have been feeling it since chiewy took over and some members move to another cell group. I know for certain in my heart that something is happening, the cell group is rebuilding and that great things are gonna happen!!! :) In the cell group and in church :D I can feel it in my heart. :D

Saturday, November 16, 2013
Been a while but... :P

My life has been so filled with busy-ness with life... :( So little time to stop and take a deep breath or a short break. But things are still going really well for me atm. :) I learn so many things during this long tough time that I have been going through. Honestly... I know the reason why I go through such a long one this time round isn't because God simply wants to punish me or what... The reason actually is me XD I knew it all along why I was going through all these things and yet I tried to deny that the reason is some of the things I do isn't right... I tried to reason to myself with my own reasoning so naturally I win... I think it is time for a change. =)

Friday, October 4, 2013
Well I have been posting for more than a year now and to be honest, a lot has happen over this past one year plus. :) Well I have been playing guitar for my cell group for a year now :) have seen myself improve slowly over time for my guitar. Also have started going for serious vocal lessons in January and it has been amazing :) I really am enjoying the experience of vocal lesson and improving on my vocal. :D There is so much about vocal that I learn about and it has been a really fun and interesting one :) I am really looking forward to improving in my vocal and guitar much futher. I have not just been working on my vocal and guitar for this past 1 year plus, I had started working part time. :) While my monthly allowance from my parents allows me to pay for my transport and vocal lessons, I really wanted to earn  more extra cash to be able to pay for my meals and also to bless those around me and if I still have extra, to save for guitar lessons. :) although I may not have been in my best in my walk with God. But I have been growing closer to Him slowly. :) Though I know there is much more I could have done in 2013... But I guess I can't just keep my eyes on my the past but rather look to the future. :)

Yesterday had been a really awesome day XD Had so much fun at work though it was pretty tiring XD I had some mistake at work and my colleagues and I had a really good laugh about it XD I really pray I will be able to juggle around with the different aspects in my life when my school starts again. Family, friends, church, God, guitar, vocal, studies, work. There are a total of 7 days and I have to balance my life with 8 items. :o Well time to learn I guess. XD Yesterday also had some really disappointing things happen, a friend of mine showed me certain things that even I myself didn't know, nope it wasn't about me but it was about something that I really treasured. I felt sad and disappointed to the point I felt betrayed... But hey no one betrayed me. XD Yet deep within me I felt anger, anger that this very thing that my friend have shown me isn't gonna help... What I really want now is God's perspective in this, people can show me their perspective, I can have mine but I want mine to be in line with His. :)

I also learn about something that I shouldn't have learn about. I understand what happen... Yet I felt disappointed... Why won't you meet me? Do you feel embarrass about it? I just wanna have supper with you just like old days bro... I really do and I really miss this brother of mine... I don't mind if you don't wanna talk about it really... Just supper... I just wanted to spend time with my close friend, someone I call brother.

Anyway I guess I will just keep asking and believing that one day we will again have supper together just like old days. :) I still want to thank God that He is in control that I can trust in Him. I want to thank Him for being there for me at any point in my life. That he never gave up on me. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012
It has been pass 1 year and 2months since the day I chose to let go of someone so precious that I value above God. When I look back... Thats a long way... People might tell me it is only 1 year and 2months... But I will tell you it is so long. =) For the first time in my life, a year can seems so long. People might tell me thats because I am not happy throughout... But to be honest, so many things have happen, good and bad. Many things are starting to change in my life. It is probably long because it took 1 year for me to completely let go of this. But hey, I move on and life has been a lot of interesting ever since. To think that 6 months after I let go of his I started to feel regret in that decision but hey I am human I'm not God.

Now, no regret at all. =) If I were to tell this to others, they may tell me, "Are you crazy?" But my answer will be just a simple "no". I am not crazy because I know what I am doing. This God I know is so real, more real than those people think. If you can simply just feel peace, joy, love, mercy, meekness, healing, deliverance, renewal and many more things, all in just one presence, and that is God's presence. Would you give that up?

Would you give up an exciting life that God can give to you? Sure this exciting life can bring you to a super down periods of your life, but those are the time you really feel most close to God, you can sometimes feel Him right beside you comforting you, bringing you the peace and joy that you need and the next thing you know, you suddenly feel you will definitely succeed. Even when you hit your dead-end, God can turn it into your turning point. Isn't that exciting? How many people when they hit their dead end in their life end up losing hope and then ending their right there? But this God re-ignites hope and if need to, brings new hope that is even more hopeful than the old one you had. The grace of God is truly sufficient. =)

My name is Bing Xi.
Lets look at the bright side of life.
Even if nothing turns out right for you at the moment. There will always be hope. So dun ever give up!!!

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